list of countries infected by the coronavirus list of countries infected by the coronavirus


In Kosovo’s first coronavirus case in the country on 13 March. There are more than 70 cases in Kosovo.


The first cases of coronavirus were reported on 14 March. Now more than 7 cases have been reported.


In Eswatini’s first coronavirus case in the country on 14 March. There are more than 70 cases in Kosovo.

Eswatini had earlier reported a suspected case of coronavirus infection of an Eswatinian woman who returned from China. Tests taken from the young lady were tried in an African country and reported negative on 17 February.


Uruguay reported the initial four instances of COVID-19 on 13 March. Every one of the four people showed up from Milan, Italy between 03 March and 06 March.

The administration got testing packs from the Pan American Health Organization to do roughly 20,000 tests.


Sudan detailed the nation’s first coronavirus case and the primary passing on 13 March in Khartoum. A man in his 50s who came back to the nation after an excursion to the UAE was accounted for as the principal affirmed case.

  • The administration has pronounced a general wellbeing crisis in the nation on 16 March. All land fringes, air terminals, and ports have been shut.
  • Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s first coronavirus case was accounted for on 13 March as tweeted by Addis Ababa city hall leader Takele Uma Banti. The tainted is a Japanese national.


Kazakhstan affirmed the nation’s initial two instances of coronavirus on 13 March. The patients are two residents who showed up in the nation from Germany on 09 March and 12 March. They have been isolated at a specific emergency clinic in Almaty.

Contact following is continuous to follow all the travelers of the flight taken by the individual who showed up on 09 March. All travelers and the team of the flight have been isolated

list of countries infected by the coronavirus


The first confirmed case of coronavirus was accounted for in Kenya on 13 March. The patient is accounted for to be a lady who came back to the nation from the US and went through London on her arrival. The test outcomes were affirmed positively by the National Influenza Lab. The patient has been set in isolation at the Kenyatta National Hospital.


Ghana confirmed the nation’s first two COVID-19 disease cases on 12 March. The examples of the people, who came back from Norway and Turkey, were affirmed as positive by the Noguchi Memorial Institute. Both are accounted for to be in a stable condition and contact following is at present in progress.


The first confirmed case of coronavirus infection was accounted for in Gabon on 12 March of a 27-year-old male resident who recently came back from France.

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago revealed the country’s first confirmed case of COVID-19 on 12 March. A person is a 52-year-old person who showed up in the country from Switzerland. He is reported to show mellow side effects and experiencing treatment at the Caura Hospital in St Augustine. All the travelers who went alongside him on the flight are being reached.

list of countries infected by the coronavirus.


Greece reported the 1st death due to coronavirus on 12 March. The 1st confirmed coronavirus disease in Greece was reported on 26 February in Thessaloniki. he infected was a 38-year-old Greek lady who recently come back to Italy. Two additional cases were confirmed for later including the offspring of the 1st confirmed case and a lady with a traveling history to Italy and being treated in Athens.

St Vincent and the Grenadines

St Vincent and the Grenadines confirmed the first coronavirus case in the country on 11 March. The infected is a female resident who came back from the UK on 07 March. She is accounted for to be experiencing gentle indications of the illness.

Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

Ivory Coast joined the African countries with COVID-19 coronavirus on 11 March. The contaminated individual is a 45-year-old male resident, who came back from an excursion to Italy. He was admitted to an emergency clinic in Abidjan for treatment.


Cuba declared the coun’s 1st three coronavirus cases on 11 March. The infected are among four Italian tourists who had arrived at the José Martí International Airport in Havana on 09 March. They had stayed at a hotel in Trinidad city in Sancti Spíritus province and created malady symptoms.


list of countries infected by the coronavirus

Guyana announced its first coronavirus-positive case just as the first COVID-19 passing on 11 March.


Honduras’ 1st two affirmed COVID-19 cases were reported on 11 March. One of the cases includes a 42-year-old pregnant lady who arrived from Spain, while the other is a 37-year-old Honduran lady who arrived from Switzerland.


The Swedish Public Health Authority confirmed the first coronavirus case in Jonkoping on 31 January. The infected is a lady who arrived in Sweden from Wuhan on 24 January however didn’t have related indications around then. She is isolated at the Ryhov province emergency hospital.

The 1st infected coronavirus in Sweden happened on 11 March, of an old patient in the Stockholm regkion.


The first infected Irish by coronavirus is a male with a traveling history to Italy. The first death in Ireland due to coronavirus was reported on 11 March.


Coronavirus cases and loss of life in Italy have raised strongly outperforming South Korea. The Head of Italy’s Democratic Party is among coronavirus-tainted.


Coronavirus cases in Belgium are increasing forcefully since 04 March. The country has reported a total of three died from the coronavirus. The first death was reported on 11 March of a 90-year-old patient who was being treated at a hospital in Brussels.

The cases increased from the prior 23 to 50 on 05 March, when 27 news cases were confirmed. The cases additionally bounced to 109 on 06 March.

list of countries infected by the coronavirus.


Indonesia confirmed two cases of coronavirus disease on 02 March. The infected people include a 64-year-elderly person and her 31-year-old girl. The two are suspected to have gotten the disease from a Japanese national who came back from Malaysia and later tried positive for the infection. The nation’s first demise was accounted for on 11 March of a 53-year-elderly person.


The two confirmed cases of coronavirus were reported for in Bolivia on 11 March by the country health minister. The two People are ladies matured 60 years and 64 years. 


Panama becomes into the most recent country in Central America to report the first coronavirus case on 10 March. A person is a 40-year-elderly person who recently traveled to Spain. Tests taken from the lady tried positive at the Instituto Conmemorativo Gorgas. 


The most recent cases in India reported are from Nagpur, Pune, Punjab, and Karnataka. New cases were reported for on 09 March including a three-year-old kid from Ernakulum, Kerala, two in Pune, one in Delhi, an assembly line laborer in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, and one from Jammu. Different cases in the nation including five more in Kerala, two in Ladakh with a traveling history to Iran and one in Tamil Nadu with a traveling history to Oman.India

Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo, which is already combating to control the spread of Ebola, detailed its originally confirmed case of coronavirus on 10 March. The person is a resident who lives in France and came back to the country on 8 March. He first didn’t realize any side effects of the disease and has now been placed under isolation alongside people who interacted with him.


Jamaica detailed the first COVID-19 case on 11 March. The individual is a female Jamaican national who came back from the UK and indicated symptoms of the sickness. Her examples were tested at the National Influenza Center, which confirmed a positive outcome for COVID-19.

The nation has forced travel limitations on eight nations including China, Italy, South Korea, Singapore, Iran, Spain, France, and Germany to prevent the spread of the disease.


Turkey reported the nation’s 1st confirmed case of coronavirus on 10 March of a male resident who came back from a trip to Europe. The patient has been put under isolation and relatives have been quarantined.

The nation earlier shut its boards and dropped all flights to Iran, where the quantity of coronavirus cases is rising.


The first COVID-19 case was accounted for in Mongolia on 10 March of a 57-year-old French resident working in the Dornogovi province of the country. The person came back from France on 02 March and traveled through Moscow.

He was coordinated to stay under isolation for 14-days in his hotel however ignored the limitations. Health officials have recognized 42 people who connected with the patient alongside 120 others having close contact with him.

Mongolia has restricted persons from six urban areas including the capital Ulaanbaatar from entering or leaving until March 16 to control the spread of the disease.

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is the most recent nation in Africa to report two affirmed instances of coronavirus on 10 March. The patients are a couple who came back from an excursion to France. They are being treated at a medical clinic in the nation’s capital, Ouagadougou. A third person who was in contact with the couple has been set under quarantine. 


Brunei announced its first case of coronavirus infection on 09 March. A person is a 53-year-elderly person who came back to the country from Malaysia along with three friends. He is being treated at the National Quarantine Center in the Tutong District.

list of countries infected by the coronavirus


Cyprus is the last European country to report coronavirus cases, which confirmed its 1st two cases on 09 March. The infected are a man who came back from Italy recently and another who came back from the UK.

The most recent case is of a 65-year-old tourist from Germany, who showed up in northern Cyprus along with a 30-member tourist group. She has been isolated at a hospital in Nicosia.

The inn where the German visitor bunch was remaining in Famagusta city has been set under lockdown. The country 1st announced an associated case with coronavirus of a man from China who later tested negative on 02 February 2020. The man was set under isolation at the Nicosia General Hospital on 31 January after he showed symptoms of the disease.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica announced the first coronavirus-confirmed case on 07 March of a 49-year-old female tourist from the US. She is as of now set under isolation at a hotel in San Jose. Costa Rica revealed the 1st infected case with coronavirus on 05 March of a 52-year-old woman who came back from an outing to Italy and Tunisia.

The lady living in Pococí, Limón at first didn’t show any side effects. She along with her relatives have now been set under isolation until test results are gotten.


Albania announced the country’s initial two cases of coronavirus infection on 08 March. The two cases are of a father and child who came back from an outing to Italy.


Bangladesh announced the country’s initial three COVID-19 cases on 08 March. Two men and one lady have contracted coronavirus, according to the Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control, and Research. Two of the three infected individuals had travel histories from Italy and the third individual is relative to one of them.


Bulgaria’s National Center of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases revealed the country’s 1st four cases on 08 March. The infected include two men from Pleven city and two ladies from Gabrovo city. The most recent cases include a 66-year-old person and a 77-year-old person, who is being treated at the Pirogov Hospital in the country’s capital, Sofia.

Bulgaria reported two suspected cases of coronavirus disease in two Bulgarian ladies who came back from China and Thailand. The two ladies showed flu-like side effects and were set under isolation for about fourteen days. The government has put in new warm cameras at the Sofia, Varna, and Bourgas air terminals to screen suspected cases with coronavirus.


Paraguay reported its first coronavirus disease case on 08 March of a 32-year-old Paraguayan who came back from a trip to Ecuador. He is reported for to be in a stable condition. Health authorities are observing 70 other people who have recently come back from abroad.

A total of 25 suspected cases have been reported, out of which four have tested negative and results are pending for other people.


Moldova confirmed its first coronavirus infection case on 07 March. A person is a 48-year-old person who came back from a trip to Italy. She is reported to be in a genuine condition including pneumonia, intense respiratory disappointment, and fever and has basic wellbeing conditions, for example, diabetes.

Moldova restricted every single outside national from the influenced nations from entering the Country The Maldives reported the 1st two confirmed cases of the new coronavirus disease on 07 March. The two persons are representatives at a traveler resort and are accepted to have gotten the disease from an Italian visitor who remained at the hotel. He reportedly tested positive for the infection upon his return to Italy.

The country report the main suspected coronavirus case on 30 January in a male who showed up from Xiamen, China. In this way, six different cases were accounted for of Maldivians who traveled to China. The Maldives Ministry of Health declared that all cases tried negative for the infection on 03 February.

The government has since fortified its measures against coronavirus by introducing extra cameras at airports.

list of countries infected by the coronavirus


A 19-year-old a person from Italy has been confirmed as Colombia’s first case. A total of 16 individuals who interacted with the lady has been set under isolation. Different cases revealed in the country’s province two people who visited Spain.


Malta reported it to confirm a case of coronavirus disease on 07 March. A 12-year-old young lady who recently visited northern Italy with her family is reported to be the country’s 1st confirmed case.


Vietnam joined the list of coronavirus countries when the 1st confirmed case reported on 23 January 2020 in every Chinese national who came back from Wuhan. His child later gotten the disease however is accounted for to have been relieved despite the fact that the Father is still on oxygen support because of a lung injury. The Vietnam cases confirm that COVID-19 can spread from individual to individual.

The significant districts with coronavirus cases in Vietnam incorporate Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Vinh Phuc.


Peru reported the first confirmed instance of coronavirus infection on 06 March. A 25-year-elderly person who recently come back from Spain and other European nations are reported for the confirmed case. Four of the cases revealed in the country are contacts of the main affirmed case, while another case is a 29-year-old male from London in the Arequipa area.


The first coronavirus-confirmed case was reported in Togo on 06 March. A 2nd person is a 42-year-old person who came back from a trip to France, Germany, and Turkey. She is as of now being treated at an infectious disease hospital.


Spain announced a highly sensitive situation on 14 March, as the nation turned into the second-most noticeably terrible influenced country in the European Union. The administration has forced an across the country lockdown for about fourteen days to control the spread of the malady. Residents are limited from leaving their homes with the exception of basic needs.


The first case of coronavirus in the US was reported in Washington on 21 January 2020 out of a person who went to Wuhan and came back to the US. The subsequent case was reported in Illinois in someone else who traveled Wuhan. A portion of the states with confirmed novel coronavirus contamination in the US is Arizona, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Texas, and Washington.

  • Germany

The hazard level from coronavirus in Germany has been raised to high, as the nation battles to contain the rising number of coronavirus cases. The country declared across the country shut down all things including, schools, colleges, and settings just as a restriction on open social gathering on 16 March.


Iraq confirmed its first case of coronavirus on 24 February. The patient is an Iranian understudy living in Najaf city. The areas where coronavirus cases have been confirmed include Kirkuk, Baghdad, and Babel. The nation’s first passing was accounted for on 04 March of a 70-year-old Muslim pastor in Sulaimaniyah city


The 1st case of coronavirus infection was reported on 25 January 2020 by the Government of Ontario in a man who visited Wuhan. The subsequent case was that of the patient’s better half and confirmation of having the disease on 27 January 2020. On 28 January 2020, a third case was confirmed by the Government of British Columbia in a patient who visited the city of Wuhan.


The spots with affirmed cases in Singapore include Rivervale, Jalan Jurong Kechil, Serangoon Avenue, Bukit Batok Street, Bishan Street, Hougang Street, and Woodlands Avenue. some cases confirmed by the government are connected to a bunch at two places of worship including Grace Assembly of God and The Life Church and Missions. Different cases are contacts of recently confirmed cases. Wellbeing specialists are at present following people who may have interacted with the most recent cases.


The Palestinian Authority announced the 1st cases in Bethleham in a lodging situated in West Bank. Palestine was one of few Middle East countries revealing no coronavirus cases until 04 March.

list of countries infected by the coronavirus.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia revealed the 1st two confirmed instances of coronavirus cases on 05 March. The person including a man who recently visited Italy and his child. They are at present being treated at an emergency clinic in Banja Luka city. The spouse has tried negative for the infection


The Philippines has proclaimed a wellbeing crisis after the most recent case was accounted for to be the main instance of network transmission. The assertion will furnish neighborhood governments and human services offices with reserves required to deal with any future spike in cases.


Bhutan confirmed the first coronavirus case in the nation on 06 March of a 76-year-old traveler from the US who recently visited India. He was going along his 59-year-old partner and ten different travelers including eight Indian nationals.

United Kingdom (UK)

The 1st two coronavirus cases in the UK were confirmed on 31 January. The two patients are members of the same family and at present experiencing master care by the National Health Service.


Most of the cases in Japan are accounted for in Osaka, Hokkaido, Chiba Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture, Tokyo, Aichi Prefecture, and Nagoya City. Japan was the 2nd country to report a COVID-19 disease outside China, on 16 January 2020 out of a man who ventured out to Wuhan.


Russia detailed two instances of the novel coronavirus on 31 January in Chinese residents, in Zabaikalsky and Tyumen locales.

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